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Ariel Walters is an Illustrator based in Stone Mountain, GA where she grew up. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned her B.F.A. in Illustration. From a young age, Ariel has always enjoyed living in her imagination where many made up stories and experiences took place. Through illustration and writing, she longs to tell the stories she finds there. Her art and stories are whimsical, bright, filled with love, light, and the wide-eyed innocence reminiscent of childhood. She loves to represent wholesome and sweet themes in children’s books, novels, on surface designs and other media. She wants to create work like that which inspired her growing up. Other than her imagination, Ariel draws inspiration from stories and pictures she enjoys in the form of fairy tales, novels, cartoons and dramas, manga, daydreams, night dreams, and life experiences, as well as from various cultures and places in time and history. Ariel draws a variety of characters and their environments, especially women and adolescents as well as some plant life and organic matter. When not creating, Ariel can be found reading, cooking, daydreaming, sitting outside, playing games, playing with her cat, and spending time with loved ones who inspire her.

Artist Statement: As an artist, my goal is to create artwork that evokes a story in the mind of the viewer upon seeing the image. I want to reawaken their inner child and invite them to engage in the world of my inner child. I love dwelling upon stories, especially those that have root in my childhood, and enhancing them, bringing them up to an adult age level while maintaining the whimsical fancy of childhood. I enjoy exploring and my art and stories go wherever I go. I work both digitally and traditionally. I have a line-heavy style, and I tend to use bright colors to capture my imagination, but I am always exploring and attempting to capture different color schemes and styles which I admire to find the best way to share my inner experiences with my viewers.

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